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Best coffee shops to get your freelancing projects done, in Queens - New York City

(Apr 19th 2017 6:42pm)

Any freelancer worth his buck knows the value of a good working spot. What defines such a spot, you...

How to manage your time better as a freelancer

(Mar 25th 2017 1:20pm)

If you’re like most of the freelance developers out there, you probably chose this career path in pa...

Managing expectations as a freelancer

(Mar 18th 2017 2:11pm)

Working as a freelance developer offers you many well-known advantages. But one of the drawbacks is...

Marketing yourself as a freelancer developer - how to

(Feb 2nd 2017 12:25pm)

Here are my marketing techniques that proved helpful so far: If you’re thinking about starting yo...

JavaScript Testing: E2e with Protractor and User Experience (QA the UX)

(Jan 6th 2017 6:25pm)

Why Protractor as a testing framework? Another tool for automation? Well google developed a tool...

14 Reasons for hiring a freelancer

(Dec 3rd 2016 6:39am)

Freelancer for hire. What a freelancer is? Please note that, by “freelancer” I am not referring at...