14 Reasons for hiring a freelancer

Dec 3rd 2016 6:39am

Small summary: There are many reasons for hiring a freelancer. For example, you want an expert. Or you just want an extra hand.

Freelancer for hire. What a freelancer is?

Please note that, by “freelancer” I am not referring at the India guys, who do “heavy professional software development” for 5$ an hour.

A real freelancer, is a person who can manage his own time, and can manage the promise to deliver. Everything should be professional between the freelancer and the contractor, it should be a pleasure to work between the two parts. But what is happening? Some might say that it’s the freelancer, some might say that it’s the contractor. It’s not. It’s the miscommunication between the two parts.
The freelancer must have clear rules on what will he do and what he will not do.

Why should you hire a freelancer?
There are many reasons for hiring a freelancer. For example, you need an extra hand. Or you do not have the expertise. Or you want some help, but you do not want to hire someone full time. Here are some of the advantages on getting your own freelancer(or expert, as I’d usually like to call it).

Today, the hiring rate for freelancing it went to a higher number reported to few years ago.

Now that we understood what is this “freelancing” all about, let’s get to the actual reasons for hiring a freelancer:

1. Money saving, and flexibility.

Hiring a freelancer will give you the flexibility to get the job done in a given time or, might get your productivity up in the sky. Collaborating. Split screens. Shadowing.

2. Fixed costs.

This one is simple. You can choose to pay your freelancer per hour or pay per project/task.
Hiring a freelancer per project/task might save up some money. But this one is the most difficult for a freelancer, if as a contractor you keep adding features. The best solution is to set a fixed payment date. Every 2 weeks for example.

3. Immediacy.

As a freelancer, you get to work on your own peace. Also, this means that, you have to be your own boss, and also be aware of emails, and clients calls. If there’s something that needs to be fixed right away, you can do that. For a price.

4. Experience, expertise, community.

I’ve noticed that most of the freelancers that I got in touch with, they are more or less autodidacts. The amount of data that a freelance needs to filter is huge. Also, for this one there’s the community and networks.

5. Simplicity.

Pretty simple to explain. You need the task done. How, this is the freelancer’s job to do the research or read the documentation.

6. Independence.
If you get your own freelancer, you must pay him. But this might earn you some extra free time for your own hobbies or activities.

7. Always available

You can get a freelancer almost anytime. Getting the RIGHT freelancer might be a whole different story here..

8. Direct communication

I think that this one is the most useful one. With this you can get to skip all the boring meetings that you need to attend. You get someone that can get it done and start focusing on things that really matters. Period.

9. Networks and relations

If you don’t know how something it’s done, there MUST be someone who knows. Also freelancers needs to socialize as well. They might have a bunch of connections that you don’t. Networking is crucial for humans.

10. You can be picky. You get to choose who you’re working with.

You can choose not to work with someone for your own reasons. You do not have to explain this to anybody. Maybe you need a specific set of skills, maybe you want a person that is more creative than technical. This is up to you.

11. Get project management stupid simple.

If you have someone that can get the stuff done, you can make a list with all the aspects that needs to be finished, and mark them as finished. You pay for the job, your freelancer is responsible for delivering.

12. Continuity.

As a human being, you want more. Establishing relations in the freelance world means everything. If everybody’s happy, you will keep working with the exact set of people.

13. Vision. Another set of eyes.

Get ideas, brainstorm and have another pair of eyes.
Having someone to argue over something, discussing, and having opinions will help you unstuck from a specific situation.

14. Scalability.

What scalability is and how can a freelancer help. Scalability is the property of an application that can run fine without other modules.
On a bigger app, you can split the functionality between multiple people. This might help to get done more than one part of the application faster. Working simultaneously on various tasks will definitely get it done faster.

My advice? Get yourself a freelancer. It will make your life easier.

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Created by Fabian Clain