Marketing yourself as a freelancer developer - how to

Feb 2nd 2017 12:25pm

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Here are my marketing techniques that proved helpful so far:

If you’re thinking about starting your career as a freelancer developer, or are already working as a freelancer developer but somehow not pulling in all the clients you’d want, we’re here to give you a few tips on how to properly market your freelancing endeavours:

- Personal website as marketing strategy – This one is the first thing you should be doing, if you haven’t already. Just like any other company, a freelance developer needs a personal website where they can display their portfolio with all your freelance projects, contact information and any other details such as location and contact form. This can be followed up by an up-to-date blog with any current outsourcing projects you’re working on, or freelancing articles, or whatever you deem fit, something to make it easier for clients to find your freelancing website and hire you.

- Networking as marketing strategy – We know, you thought you were done with forced socializing when you quit your job and started freelancing. Well, not quite. While yes, you are free of pesky co-workers, you will find that you have to put yourself out there in other ways. Creating a name for yourself will require that you attend any networking events in your area, or conferences in your field of expertise. More relationships equal more potential clients, so if your freelancing career hasn’t picked up quite yet, make sure to look up when the next appropriate event is and participate.

- Get recommendations from past clients and testimonials strategy – Instead of doing all the job of talking yourself up to any prospective clients, let your past clients do some of the work for you. When you start freelancing projects, make sure to ask your satisfied clients to recommend you to any acquaintances that need a similar service, or to write up a testimonial that you can put on your website. Most of them will be more than glad to do this for you, if you’ve done a satisfying job, as they understand how difficult it is sometimes for small businesses, which you basically are as a freelancer, to create a client base.

- Develop your personal brand and sell it or your personal name in the freelancing word– If you’ve done your research, you’ll have found out that there are a ton of freelancers looking to do the same job as you. So how is a client going to pick exactly you out of that whole bunch? Here’s where branding comes into play. You’ll want to think of something that is particular to you and that makes you the best option available and sell that aspect to your potential clients. And don’t just wait for people to contact you, either. If you hear of any opportunities for a project that fits you, make contact, send a pitching email with a proposal for the project, be proactive.

Deciding to go for a freelancing career can be one of the best things you ever do for your career. But it has to be done properly for it to be successful. There are many more aspects that could be listed in this sense, but if you’re thinking of being a freelancer, keeping these aspects in mind should help you reach the level of success you want.

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