Best coffee shops to get your freelancing projects done, in Queens - New York City

Apr 19th 2017 6:42pm

Small summary: Best coffee shops to get your freelancing projects done, in Queens - New York City

Any freelancer worth his buck knows the value of a good working spot. What defines such a spot, you might ask?

The answer is simple: plenty of room to set up all the equipment you need in order to work, strong and reliable WiFi, sufficient lighting, the appropriate sound level and environment, and comfortable seating. Preferences may vary among freelancers, of course, but these are some of our favorite coffee shops that meet all these criteria:

- Sweetleaf – Located in very busy intersection, this antique-loving coffee shop is surprisingly quiet. With an impressive array of vintage vinyl records on display, alongside a seating area composed of leather chairs and love seats, it could be your new go-to location for your freelancing needs. The coffee is on point and there’s snacks available in case you get the munchies while working. One of the favourites for students and freelancers there to get some work done is their Rocket Fuel drink which is sure to keep you fueled up for the entire day!

- Coffeed – Yet again a coffee shop located in a busy part of the city, but which is still suited to getting some work done before that freelancing deadline bites you in the behind. The staff is friendly and doesn’t mind catering to freelancers that tend to linger in the shop working, the seating offers some fairly cushy options and spacious tables to accommodate your desire to spread out and the menu is quite extensive, providing several breakfast and lunch options for hungry hungry freelancers. Coffeed gets bonus points for its very strong WiFi signal that keeps you connected even during busy hours of the day.

- Caffebene – Although we don’t generally recommend chain shops for when you need to get some freelancing done away from home, this particular location in Queens fits the bill surprisingly well. The seating area is amazingly comfortable, with booths and plush chairs that invite you to stay awhile. The carefully stocked bookshelves add a nice touch for the literary inclined freelancers that like to take a moment to read and detach from the day’s work, in search for inspiration. You can expect to find excellent sandwiches and a variety of desserts to go with their amazing Misugaru Latte.

- Station Side Cafe – Another worthy mention, and perhaps a more suitable option for those that know to cherish the little neighborhood joints, is Station Side Cafe. The staff is extremely friendly and attentive, and the ambiance amazing. For freelancers that are sick of working from home, the Station Side Cafe offers comfortable booths with abundant table space and surrounded by rustic wooden trellises decked in crawling vines. The shop serves Lavazza coffee with a full breakfast and lunch menu to keep any freelancer’s cravings in check while they’re working. They’ve also added a beer garden in the back yard, so if you want to relax after working hard on that freelancing project, you don’t have far to go!

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